Scientifically good, ethically better.

At Sage Plantations, we believe people are most alive when they do what they love. Our superfoods are Australian-grown and are naturally good for you.

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What’s in it?

We’ve kept things simple.

We always use farm fresh produce sourced only from Australian growers and suppliers. There is an abundance of fantastic natural resources like soil and water, of high quality, in the country.

Our people are profoundly passionate about sourcing produce that help you do more of what you love. We give it our all to create superfood supplements that are naturally good for you. Real fruits, real vegetables, real herbs.

For the everyday person

Take our superfoods if you are:

  1. Needing a nutrient dense supplement to boost energy, vitality while safeguarding health
  2. Busy & on the go
  3. Needing good nutrition, fast
  4. Not eating enough vegetables & fruits every day, consistently!
  5. Traveling and needing the convenience of a quick energy & nutrition  boost
  6. Sick and lacking an appetite but needing good nutrition to recover
  7. Vegetarian or vegan or avoiding additives, added sugar, dairy, wheat, GMO, eggs, nuts & soy

Are superfoods needed?

We believe in health balance.

We know that eating your daily serves of fruit and veg each and every day, consistently, can be a challenge.

Especially for children, and especially with vegetables!

For adults, we get busy, run down, or simply aren’t hungry enough to eat that much vegetables and fruit.

Stay in your best shape and satisfy the Dietary Guidelines Gurus. Sage Plantations’ superfoods gives you the peace of mind knowing that you’re on the right track with your daily RDI of vegetables and fruits with easy to use powders and capsules. Plus, our superfoods have natural vitamins, minerals, co-enzymes, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Just dial your dosage up or down according to your age, health needs and lifestyle.

Scientists on a mission

It would be wonderful to say that our beginnings came about over green smoothies at a faraway yoga retreat. The reality, however, may be more exciting, because it’s real. We’re scientists on a mission to improve lives.

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