It would be wonderful to say that the Sage Plantations fairytale came about over green smoothies at a faraway yoga retreat.

The reality, however, may be more exciting, because it’s Real. Sage Plantations is not about fairytales. It’s about grit and determination, integrity and sustainability.

Sage Plantations was established on a few simple yet important principles:

  1. Make eating fruits and vegetables easier.
  2. Use quality, all Australian produce.
  3. Help people feel great.

Co-Founders Andrew and Roop used Andrew’s family farm for growing and testing the herbal superfoods and Roop’s experience in medical research and powerful drive to understand what makes people sick (and importantly, what makes them better) to research and develop the brand.

What we’re proud of is what we are.

Scientists at large.

Searching for Real Facts & Real Data.

If it’s not good, we won’t use it. If it doesn’t work, we won’t hide it. We’ll keep looking and testing for what is better.